In a blink

Like many I was hunting the Orion2 this evening on UKV. I knew that it would sell fast but not THAT fast...
So I'll try next week to get my hands on an Orion2.
First impressions of the lucky first 100 people should arrive before the end of next week.
By the way, I'll soon redesign a bit this site in order to make room for the newcomer.



  1. Thanks for the efforts.. really help me as new orion owner :D

  2. Thank you for your comment :-)
    It helps continuing since I couldn't get my hands on the V2 last friday :-D

  3. This place is The source for Orion facts and tips.
    Been checking back everyday for V2 stuff and only just noticed your post above and how you did not get one the other Friday.
    I am sure Nosmoker overlooked that one and you will not have long to wait. Must of been pretty hectic for him.

    1. Thank you Indian for your nice comment !

    2. Hi..what are the difference between Orion v1 and v2?What are the upgrades?

    3. Hi..can anyone tell me what are the difference between Orion V2 and V1?

  4. Been coming back here daily, waiting for V2 info and only just read you did not get one the other Friday.
    This place is a wealth of good information and beautifully done, like the Orion.
    I am sure Nosmoker was overwhelmed on sale day and you will receive your V2 very soon.

  5. I would really love one of these anyone know how I can get my hands in an Orion e-mail me forsaken1981@hotmail.com

  6. I searched every where how can i get one can not find the web site this is the only site available , pls help tia.j.atwell@GMAIL.COM

  7. I need some help guys. Im trying to get some info on Orion v2 as I'd love to get one but when I use http://nosmoker.net/ to send a message Im getting an empty page after pressing "Submit" button. No idea if the message was sent.