In a blink

Like many I was hunting the Orion2 this evening on UKV. I knew that it would sell fast but not THAT fast...
So I'll try next week to get my hands on an Orion2.
First impressions of the lucky first 100 people should arrive before the end of next week.
By the way, I'll soon redesign a bit this site in order to make room for the newcomer.



20000 ! :-D

Hi everyone,
When I started this site, it was just a summerize of the numerous "talks" we had about the Orion on the french forum. A compilation of proven answers to numerous questions raised by the Orion.
Since the beginning few months ago, more than 20 000 pages have been seen. A huge and pleasant surprise for me.
As I stated above, this site is a compilation of solutions found by the vaping community : I pick here and there solutions that are agreed by most of us. The high quality of the informations given here owes a lot to someone in particular, whom I thank sincerely for his involvment in the community : Pailpoe. As you've noticed, most of the tutorials have been made by him. I just had to gather them. More than that, I can say that without the Orion and the help of Pailpoe for the modding of my own Orion, I might have been smoking analogs at the moment. So thank you mate !

This beeing said, let me copy/paste a post of Nosmoker on UKV :

"Hi all,
I get signals that on Friday it could come to servers fall
as it came to 31.01 at Bulli
is for me certain that not enough gifts for all
you can make contact with me
from the following Board In case of difficulties
where I am member but (not much active)
and of course here UKV
course of the sale on is simple you send me a PM
I sending you a Paypal account
Each shipment is insured with Tracking number that I will send to each
very important
PM will contain your data
login name / username of forum
and the same data must be on Paypal
To avoid confusion
Please use the Copy and Paste
when entering paypal account
besides all the mod's are shining
there is no matte option

This is only information and not start sale on

8pm CET is 7pm Greenwich Mean Time "

So this is it ! Within few days the long wait will come to an end and the Orion2 will arrive. I'm sure that new questions will be raised by this new mod. I'll do my best to continue, with your help, to provide high quality informations.

Keep on vaping !

Daniel (I'm not Nosmoker as some might think. Just a simple vaper loving his Orion and willing to share ;-) )


Some more pics

So here is the beast !
Only 0,5mm wider than the V1, so 22,5mm, the V2 will be available in two surface's finishes. Matt or sanded finish. Slightly lighter than it's predecessor.


Orion2 : some specs

Here some specs given by Nosmoker on Ukvapers :

1/ Orion 2 will only be ready next week
2/ It can accommodate 1x16340, 1x18350, 2x 16340,2x18350, 1x 18650 or even 18700
(If you use spacers you may use any battery to the dimension of 18.6 mm diameter)
3/ Pailpoe technology switch
4/ dual coil ready
5/ stainless steel


Bring your Orion to the max.

Today tried a new coil setup that is giving me one of the best vaping experience I've ever had.
It's a mix of the genesis and "twisted dual-coil" setups (look at the "Building your atomizer - How to" section of this site for more details).

Orion v1.1b. Using an AWG34 Kanthal D wire. Making 5,25 turns around the stainless steel mesh.

It's just a blast ! It produces so much vapour, with a top quality flavour rendering, that I can almost see the liquid level dropping on each draw. Really
Give it a try, you won't regret it.

Pictures of the smoking beast to come, soon. Stay tuned !


The King is dead. Long live the King

The V1.1 Orion  has been sold out already.
Nosmoker announces the release of a V2.0 in few weeks. This new version will allow more versatility with the batteries with no further details. Bigger battery capacity ; multiple voltages with an extension sleeve ??? Who knows for the moment... but it should probably be those types of changes. 

The Orion v1 was already the "best mod for sale". 
No doubt that the v2.0 will be close to the vaping perfection.